It's 2021! I am currently working full-time to build out an education curriculum for Perpetual Education called Design for The Web.

As part of the program, students build real-world client projects. If you've got a project in mind, give me a call.

Ask me about special pricing and how you can get your project built by a fresh and passionate team of designers.

Contact me now.

  1. Schedule a 20-minute meeting to talk with me. Don't be shy ; )
  2. You can email me
  3. I am @sheriffderek in web-related social arenas - but my real name is Derek Wood - and you can always take a look at my LinkedIn profile.
  4. Are you a developer? I really like CSS. If you are trying to learn, (we're always learning...) join us on discord. From there - there are also links to many other servers for the various languages.

I provide a thoughtful approach to your goals. Research, content strategy, user-testing, UX, layouts, UI, design patterns, live style-guides, system architecture, cms, team building, brochures, content portals, applications, and whatever other buzzwords you can muster up. (It’s all really just Design)

Do you have a goal? I'll get you there. Don't have a clear goal worked out? I'll help you uncover it.