It’s 2022!? My main passion at the moment is building out the education curriculum for Perpetual Education called Design for The Web. It is super fun. Check out what we're doing.

As part of the program, students build real-world client projects. If you’ve got a project in mind, let’s talk about it. Ask me about special pricing and how you can get your project built by a fresh and passionate team of designers.

As a designer/developer/product designer: I provide a thoughtful approach to your goals. Research, content strategy, user-testing, UX, layouts, UI, design patterns, live style-guides, system architecture, cms, team building, brochures, content portals, applications, and whatever other buzzwords you can muster up.

(It’s all really just Design)

I enjoy a lean and iterative design process. So, if you're just getting started - that’s when I can be the most effective.

Do you have a goal? I’ll get you there. Don’t have a clear goal worked out? I’ll help you uncover it.

Would you like to be friends?

  1. I don't want to live in the metaverse. I much prefer real life.
  2. Schedule a time to talk with me. I only bite, if you’re into that sort of thing.
  3. You can also email me
  4. I am @sheriffderek in web-related social arenas. My real name is Derek Wood. You can call me Derek or Sheriff.
  5. Are you a developer? I really like CSS. If you are trying to learn, (we're always learning...) join us on the CSS Discord. From there - there are also links to many other servers for the various languages.
  6. I also write about design and CSS all over the place. You can read my article On Type Patterns and Style Guides over at CSS-Tricks.
  7. Sometimes people want to buy me coffee. You can do that if you want. I’ll buy books.

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You can watch my videos on YouTube.

If you really want to... you can connect on Twitter or LinkedIn, but I don't put any time into those platforms. If you really want to help me out, then come back me up on Reddit. These trolls are out of their minds.