A thoughtful approach to your goal.

I know how to

  • Clearly define your goals
    • Do you want to tell people about a new business or service?
    • Do you want more people to visit your current business?
    • Do you want to reach a new market?
    • Do you want to audit and streamline your marketing system?
    • Do you want to increase profits?
    • Do you want to build a brand for your company?
    • Would you like to automate workflow and tasks?
    • I will find the right combination to get you what you want
  • Show you how the web can help you achieve those goals
    • Explore how the web fits in: research, user-testing
    • Define the tools we’ll use to get to those goals: content auditing, project planning
    • Explain how content-strategy, user-experience, prototyping, layout, user-interface, more user-testing, creative direction, project management all fit in
      • Design patterns, live style-guides, system architecture, content management systems, team building, brochures, content portals, applications, and whatever other buzzwords you can muster up. (It’s all really just Design)
    • Help you decide what platforms and services are right for you before you invest months or years jumping between ‘free’ website builders
    • I can often save you thousands of dollars in a free 15-minute phone call
  • Design the plan
    • You don’t have time to be the designer… 
    • I give focus to your projects instead of winning them – and then passing them off to a team of employees who don’t know you
    • I’ll learn about your specific goals and stand behind the plan
    • I know how to break things down and clarify the steps to success
    • I will audit the current system and minimize tech debt
    • I’ll show you how this plan will achieve your goals – and the metrics we’ll use to prove it
  • Get the job done
    • I know how to pick the perfect people for the job – and ensure they are enthusiastic an efficient
    • Sometimes, I’ll implement it myself
    • Either way, I’ll price things out and get them done – so you don’t have to think about hours and timelines
    • You’ll pay me for the value I provide – and not for all the hours a team spent in meetings and hashing out internal drama
    • I’ll show you how to prove we’ve succeeded
  • Help your current team work more efficiently and be happier doing it
    • In my experience, everyone wants to do their best
    • Help them do that – by providing clean, goal-oriented design workflows
  • Help you hire a smart and reliable fresh internal team
    • If you’re a startup, you’ll need someone to help build a foundation and figure out what roles are needed before you start hiring for each one
    • I’ve seen startups spend millions of dollars hiring their team – only to find out that they weren’t the right team
    • Hiring people is difficult. I’m an actual team leader who knows how to organize strengths and strengthen weaknesses
    • I help companies choose the right people at the right time – and keep things streamlined, agile, and productive
  • Save you money and get outcomes that we can actually see on paper
    • I am a single person. You don’t need to pay the 20-people/ brick and mortar overhead of a ‘studio’ or ‘firm’ to spin their wheels for months and pass the buck down the line
    • I have creative ways to keep your cost down – while adding incredible value
    • I can set that up and teach your non-technical team to run complex systems for no additional cost to you – and be standing by to do the heavy lifting when necessary

Contact me now.

  1. Schedule a < 20-minute meeting here
  2. If you’re feeling spontaneous – you can just call me (213) 373-4808, and there’s a chance I will be in-between tasks/meetings.
  3. You can email me derek@sheriffderek.consulting
  4. I am @sheriffderek in most social arenas – and you can always take a look at my LinkedIn profile.

I am currently building my online education platform, which leaves me with about 20 hours a week open for new projects or long-term work. Ask me about our reduced prices in collaboration with Perpetual Education.

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